Important Facts about Personalized Vehicle Number Plates

14 Jul

When a person orders for a new vehicle, it comes with a chassis number which is a unique identifier of the automobile in question. This number is indicated in the vehicles log book which is a document of ownership. However, each vehicle has another unique identifier which helps the owner, other motorists, pedestrians and traffic authorities recognize each individual car. This is the vehicle’s number plate.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency - DVLA issues plates to provide consistency, order and safety of the vehicles. A police officer would be suspicious and flag down any vehicle that has no plates. Notably, from time to time, vehicle owners long to stand out by customizing their number plates. This article will outline important facts about personalized vehicle number plates.

As mentioned earlier, DVLA prefers that the number plates of all vehicles are uniform so that there is law and order on the roads. The most common aspect about vehicle license plates is that they are the plate letters and numbers are black in color. The background of the plates are usually white for the front plates and yellow for the back plates from However, if a person wishes to customize their plates, they have to get express permission from the DVLA agency. It is worth noting that many jurisdictions do not allow vehicle plates to be customized.

The vehicle owner should therefore confirm with the area local authorities if they are permitted to modify their plates. Once an automobile owner has filled the relevant forms and qualified to customize their plates they should then find a reputable plate vendor at purchase their new private plates from. Custom plates are a good investment because they enhance the appearance of the vehicle by making it unique and stylish. The vehicle owner can bring out their creative side and stand out of the crowd with their breathtaking tailor made plates.

Reputable plate vendors give their customers a great experience by providing competitive prices and making the purchase process easy. Such vendors communicate with the DVLA authorities on behalf of their clients to get customized plates authorization. Importantly, they allow their customers to choose their plate design online. Thereafter, they mail the plates to the customer’s door steps.

Customers can purchase vintage plates also commonly referred to as cherish number plates. They can also select tailor made plates from the range of plates offered by the licensed vendors. Alternately, they can design their own and ask the vendor to produce one for them. See page here:

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